Affiliations and Compliance

Pure Production

At Dakota Specialty Milling, we’re dedicated to meeting the highest industry standards in our products and production. In addition to our internal commitment to quality and consistency, Dakota Specialty Milling complies with the premier industry standard bearers. We currently hold the SQF level 2 certification. We have also received organic certification from Quality Assurance International and Kosher certification from the Kashruth Department of the Orthodox Union of Jewish Congregations of America.

Our plant and production processes reflect our corporate and operational commitment to product purity and integrity. Based on the guidelines of the American Institute of Baking, we have created an HACCP program that supports the highest quality and sanitation standards. We inspect all raw and processed ingredients as they arrive at our plant and monitor ingredients through the production process. At the point of entry, inspections and checks range from paperwork verification and certification to physical, visual, and laboratory analyses. We automatically reject all materials that fail to meet any of our established quality parameters.

During all phases of production, our accurate and sensitive metal detection system ensures the product is free of debris. In addition, Dakota Specialty Milling also performs concurrent visual quality checks and laboratory analyses which are documented. Retention samples are maintained for a maximum of two months for all production.